DeRolf Animal Hospital

1401 Mill Race Dr.
Salem, VA 24153


Our Staff

Emily Bebout, LVT

Emily graduated as the Vet Tech Student of the Year from the Veterinary Technology program at Blue Ridge Community College in 2010. She has been at DeRolf Animal Hospital since 2011. Her license allows her to do dental cleanings, take x-rays, perform urinalyses, read fecals, run bloodwork, monitor general anesthesia, and assist the doctors in patient care. When not working at the clinic, Emily and her husband, Will, opened an Escape Room company, Escape Key, also located in Salem!

AnneMarie Elliott, LVT student

AnneMarie joined the DeRolf Animal Hospital team in August of 2014. She attends Blue Ridge Community College and is in the same Vet Tech Program that Emily graduated from in 2010.  She will graduate with her license in May of 2018. She went to Zimbabwe in the Summer of 2017 and absolutely loved it, and hopes to go back one day. She has 4 dogs (Ava, Marshall, Kenna, and Mickey), 3 cats (Fia, Louie, and Rue), and a miniature pot bellied pig (Petunia). 

Betsy Lyle, Office Manager

Betsy has been with us since April of 2015. She enjoys riding her horse, Mandalay, and training in Obedience with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cricket. She is our "Queen of Inventory" and resident "Jack of all trades"!

Lindsay L., Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Lindsay became a proud part of the DeRolf Animal Hospital team in 2012. She has one dog, Marla, and three cats, Marceline, Cake and Tobano. In addition to her obvious love of animals, her other main hobby is music. She loves listening to 70's and 90's rock. She plays piano, trumpet, dabbles in guitar and is a self proclaimed band geek. In high school, she was in marching band and was drum major her junior and senior year. In college she  studied creative writing and psychology, and is considering going back to school to be a LVT. After work, she likes to knit and crochet while watching Fraiser and Roseanne. 

Amanda R., Receptionist 

Amanda joined our team in August of 2015. She is a born and raised Salemite, and proud of it. She is wonderfully humorous and bring lots of smiles to our days. She owns two dogs, Roxy, who is an Olde English Bulldog, and McDuff, who is a West Highland Terrier. She is a huge fan of puppies and has been deemed our resident puppy cuddler!

Jennifer F., Receptionist

Jennifer is originally from Bristol, CT. and now lives in Elliston.  She is married and is the mom to 2 sons, 2 dogs, 2 birds, and 1 cat.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, taking walks, and playing fetch with the dogs.  She has been a part of our team since February of 2015.

Chris L., Kennel Attendant

Chris joined the team in September of 2016. He grew up in Connecticut, and moved here in 2013. He has one Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Raksha who recently was certified as a therapy dog. He also has two cats, Smokescreen and Apple. 


Lisa K., Veterinary Assistant/Kennel Attendant

Lisa is originally from Salem, VA and now lives in Roanoke with her husband and son. She graduated from Salem High School. Lisa has been with us for 9 years! In her free time, Lisa enjoys cross stitching, knitting, reading, and listening to good ol' rock n' roll!


Melinda M., (left) Kennel Attendant

Melinda is known as our office "guru." She is wise, patient, and kind. Melinda joined our team in January of 2009.  In her free time, she practices yoga and spends time with her critters and family.


Diane H., Kennel Attendant

Diane lives in Salem, VA. She is widowed with four children, 11 grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  She has been in the veterinary field for over 25 years.  Diane has always had a love for animals and has taken in many strays over the years.